ABW Red Pad is a revolutionary polishing wheel that significantly increases the efficiency of polishing. The expected results are now achieved much faster, saving time and the painter’s energy. With the use of an innovative material, the pad has a very long shelf life. ABW Red Pad was prepared based on a thirty-year experience of ABW specialists in manufacturing polishing wheels. We thoroughly know and understand the needs of the varnish industry.

ABW Red Pad – a polishing wheel the varnish market has expected for years

- Pad’s extended shelf life thanks to the use of innovative materials
- Excellent polishing effects on elements with fresh paint and on old surfaces
- Easy hologram removal in final polishing
- Extraction of the best polishing and shine features from the polishing paste
- Minimization of the use of polishing paste by collecting its excess in the pad profile
- Full control over the process of polishing thanks to the use of excess paste after pressing
- Reduction of the need to use different types of pads for polishing a given element

Discover a new dimension of efficiency and working comfort with innovative ABW Red Pad polishing wheel

packing: 1 piece